20 Super Sweet Baby Girl Hairstyles (2023)

Are you a mom of a sweet little thing, aged 0 to 24 months? Then you don’t need us telling you it’s not easy to come up with baby girl hairstyles on a daily basis. You want something that’s both new and fun to try out, as well as quick and easy to put together. Here we are, coming to your aid, with 20 lovable pictures of exciting young styles. They’re perfect for spurring your styling creativity and, we hope, for bringing out the best in your young princess!

Your baby is growing fast during the first year and you sure want to take lots of pictures of her every month. The toddler hairstyles below will make your cutie even cuter!

#1: Flower Headband

As far as baby hairstyles go, this one’s an ultra-simple classic, which works for the youngest of the young. All you need is a wide-tooth comb and a soft fabric headband. Create a sort of side parting and add a textile band, ideally made from hypoallergenic materials. Flower embellishments are not mandatory, but definitely recommended.

#2: Side-Swept Bangs with French Braid

Got a baby girl with medium-length hair and a fringe? Here’s a creative way to keep those bangs off her face. Sweep the soft locks to one side, then create a side-braid, by pulling in strands from the parting. At the end, fasten it with a hair-colored band and you’re all done.


#3: Perfect High Ponytail for Black Baby Girls

Super-curly hair has a mind of its own and can also make your beautiful angel sulk and cry on hot days. It will keep a baby warm, that’s for sure! To make playtime more fun, sweep those curls up and tie the hair as high as it will go. A big, funky bow will top it all off like a cherry on an ice cream Sundae.

#4: Ribbon Headband for Curly Hair

Got a snazzy affair coming up? There aren’t that many hairstyles for babies that would make the cut—especially not for kids who haven’t even turned 1 year-old yet! If your little one has short, naturally curly hair, work with a headband and some kid-friendly pomade to achieve this mixed look. The band will push most of the hair off her face, while the slicked-up bangs will stay in place all day.

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#5: Pigtails, Braids and Buns

Here’s one for active days: start by creating a central part. Divide each side into two sections and make a French braid in the top part. Finish off each side with a normal braid, then tie both into ponytails. To keep your little girl cool, twist each tail into a loose bun.

#6: High Dutch Braids

This one is for moms who like to braid. And there’s no need to worry about learning a new technique: Dutch braids aren’t that much different from French braids. In fact, they’re just the same, but you’re pulling each strand under the others. Start right at the hairline and work your way down, braiding closely to the scalp. Finish each side with a normal braid and secure it with a band.


#7: Pretty Flat Twists with Braided Band

Cornrows have a long standing as one of the more sophisticated baby girl hairstyles, and that’s because they require a bit of work. You can substitute them with flat twists that are a bit easier to complete. Separate a big section of the hair at the top of the head. Divide it into your desired number of braids. Create the left-most French braid, but stop at the point where you want the braided band to begin. Complete the other cornrows/flat twists. The band is braided from a chunk of hair above the ear. Once you’ve finished it fix it across your cornrows/flat twists. Leave the rest of the hair loose.

#8: Short Side-Parted Hairstyle With Bow Pin

Can it get any simpler? Side-part your baby’s hair, then make sure it stays off her face by securing it with a fun clip. Both mom and little girl are guaranteed to stay happy for the rest of the day!

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#9: Headband and Braid for Fine Hair

Finer hair is more difficult to style into a French braid, but a simple braid can definitely work. First, divide the hair into three horizontal sections. Secure the first two with elastic bands, then braid the remainder of the hair. Fasten the braid, put on the band, make a big bow, then go out and play!

#10: First Braided Updo with a Twist

Very young baby hairstyles can’t possibly include braids and updos, right? Wrong. If your tiny tot has got medium-length hair, you can definitely work it into a small twisted braid. Pin it low, right above the nape, with a pretty ribbon, then expect praise for your mommy skills!

#11: Cool Braids and Ponytails for Fine Hair

Need more proof that you can achieve complex looks with soft baby hair? Separate a large section of the hair at the front and create four ponytails. Braid all or some of them. Then, midway down the length of the hair, gather them all into a simple ponytail. All done!

#12: Quick & Perfect Bow Ponytails

Some days, there’s no time for braiding or buns. All you need is an easy style fix for daycare or a playdate. This one works by dividing the hair into four sections. Tie the uppermost ones into ponytails, or even braid them. Then, bring the hair on both sides into two larger ponytails, fastened with big, fluffy bows. Cute, isn’t it?

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#13: Multi-Ponytail With A Bow

Pigtails are among the most popular hairstyles for babies, and they’re pretty effortless, too. For this one, create a deep, twisted parting. Tie the smaller section into a pigtail, then divide the larger one into 3-4 horizontal sections. Create a multi-ponytail, topped off at the end with an oversized bow.

#14: Wide Bow Headband for Short Hair

Busy mom? The more complex styles can wait until your baby is 1 year old, really. For now, keep her hair soft with a good baby bath product, short and practical. Meanwhile, feel free to experiment with big, goofy headbands tied into floppy bows—just like this one!


#15: Flat Twist And Two Knots

Got a perfect little angel with short hair? Part her hair on one side and create a high knot with the smaller section. Working from the hairline, create a diagonal French braid or a flat twist, until you reach the level of the first knot. Then, tie it all up into the second, symmetrical chignon.

#16: Four Strand Braided Fringe for Medium Hair

Little ones with short bobs can also enjoy braided baby girl hairstyles. Create a side parting, then work with 4 or more strands, beginning at the frontal hairline. Braid in a diagonal line and stop right before reaching the crown. And don’t forget that pretty bow at the end!

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#17: Top Braid with Bow and Ponytail

Blessed with thick hair? Divide your baby girl’s mane into three vertical sections. Create a French braid, right from the hairline and work your way down, until you reach mid-length. Bring in the other two sections and pull it all together into a ponytail. What to embellish it with, you ask? A lovely ribbon, of course!

#18: Multiple Braids

If you’re feeling creative, you can always weave several cornrow braids into a “complex” style. Create a section at the hairline, with a horizontal parting and braid it. Then, divide the rest of the hair into as many segments as you want braids. Twist, turn, and, at the end, feel free to fasten all the loose ends into one bun or side ponytail.


#19: Crazy Twist Braid Weave with Buns

Never thought baby hairstyles could look this complex? The style above is actually easy to achieve, once you break it down into separate steps. There are three sections right at the top, with the hair twisted into twist braids. Then, three more at the bottom, twisted just the same way. The central segment of the hair has been parted down the middle. The bottom braids ‘feed’ into the left bun, while the top ones do the same for the one on the right-hand side. Easy and pretty, isn’t it?

#20: Center Parting with Bows for Mixed Hair

Most African American baby girls boast lovely natural curls. How to style them? Here’s a suggestion: create a central parting into the bangs and pin each side with a clip. Allow the rest of the hair to maintain its waves and kinks, for a super simple and so sweet look!

We hope you’ll find plenty of inspiration in our gallery of cute and creative baby girl hairstyles. We’ve strived to include each type of length and texture, but if we’ve left anything out, do let us know! And don’t forget to send us your own pictures, or to write with suggestions in the comments section. How do you style your little one’s hair?


Which hair cut is best for baby girl? ›

First Haircut Ideas
  1. Classic Bob. A bob is always a popular choice for any toddler princess. ...
  2. Pixie Cut. Another popular choice for little girls is a pixie cut. ...
  3. Rocking the Bangs. ...
  4. Long and Layered. ...
  5. Sleek and Handsome. ...
  6. Clean Edges. ...
  7. Long Locks. ...
  8. Side Swept Sleek.
26 Jul 2022

What is the best hairstyle for baby fine hair? ›

12 Hairstyles for Fine Hair That'll Boost Your Volume
  1. Asymmetrical bob. This trend-setting style adds volume to your hair and definition to your face. ...
  2. Side-part bob. ...
  3. Bob with bangs. ...
  4. Angled bob. ...
  5. Messy lob. ...
  6. Mid-length bangs. ...
  7. Bouncy blow-dry. ...
  8. Dutch braids.

How do you style a baby girl? ›

Baby Girl Fashion Tips: How to Dress a Stylish Baby Girl
  1. Comfort Doesn't Mean Boring Clothes. ...
  2. Decide According to Season: ...
  3. Go for Bright, Vibrant Colors: ...
  4. Play with Prints, Designs, and Patterns: ...
  5. Try Traditional Wear: ...
  6. Take Cues From Your Own Closet: ...
  7. Accessorize It: ...
  8. Do Not Overdress:
7 Jun 2022

What is a good age to cut a baby's hair? ›

When Should I Get My Baby's Hair Cut? While there's no right or wrong time to treat your baby to their first haircut, it's usually a good idea to wait until they're at least 6 months or, ideally, a year old. This is when your baby should be able to sit up and support their own head.

Should fine hair be kept short? ›

Is short hair better for fine thin hair? Shorter hair is typically more flattering for fine thin hair. A shorter haircut can help to feign fullness. Meanwhile, longer hair can exacerbate thin strands.

How do I style my hair with lots of baby hairs? ›

Use hairspray

“Hairspray is a quick and easy way to style the baby hairs. Spray on a toothbrush and then gently brush on to tiny hair. You could also spray it on to the hair for more hold, and then brush it in place,” suggests Nayak.

Who styled baby hairs first? ›

First of all, let's go back to the '20s. It is unknown when and with whom the idea of styling baby hair was born, but this decade was possibly where baby hair was first popularized by the legendary black actress Josephine Baker.

How many layers should a 1 year old wear? ›

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers this rule of thumb for winter weather dressing: Put babies and children in one more layer of clothing than an adult would wear in the same conditions.

What color is good for babygirl? ›

Choose a cornflower blue or aqua with accents in bright pink or orange for a cheery look. Unpainted wood furniture warms a blue room nicely, and white gossamer curtains and pretty bed linens will add a feminine touch. Yellow and orange are great for bringing warmth and cheer into a room.

Which Colour is best for baby girl? ›

For newborn girls:
  • blush and white.
  • pink and gray.
  • lavender and white.
22 Jul 2019

How do new moms look cute? ›

How To Look Put Together As A Mom: 10 Daily Habits To Feel...
  1. Commit to a hair style. ...
  2. Wear real undergarments. ...
  3. Invest in cute, feminine loungewear. ...
  4. Wear a body fragrance. ...
  5. Commit to outfits/personal style. ...
  6. Work with YOUR body type. ...
  7. Follow your unique beauty formula! ...
  8. Get rid of stained or torn clothing.
10 May 2021

What haircut is in style for 2022? ›

Pixie cuts will always be on-trend, but we're spotting longer variations in 2022: Like the viral mixie cut that fuses mullet and pixie elements and can be personalized based on how long a client likes to wear their fringe, layers or perimeter.

Why is cutting baby's hair first important? ›

The general idea is that shaving the baby's head-removing the hair grown in the womb-cleanses the body at the beginning of life. Traditionally, the hair is weighed and its value in silver is given to charity.

Does cutting baby hair make it grow faster? ›

Some parents hesitate to give their baby a haircut. But if your baby has hair loss or bald spots, a haircut can get rid of patchiness and allow their hair to grow in evenly. One belief is that a haircut can jump-start hair growth. However, this idea isn't backed by science.

Why is it important to cut baby's hair first? ›

The shaving off the hair is considered to be a gesture of purification from the previous yonis and freedom from the past. Some also believe that shaving off head helps in stimulating proper growth of the nerves and brain. Mundan also helps in keeping the baby's head cool during the hot weather.

What is the new 2022 short haircut? ›

Short bob. The short bob haircut is a modern and relaxed version of the bob cut and the long bob cut. This is the perfect 2022 short haircut for women who enjoy sophistication and elegance. The Short Bob is a short cut cut at the nape with longer sides, the hair is a little lower than the ear.

How often should you wash fine hair? ›

“People with fine hair should be shampooing three to four times a week, and using conditioner only one to two times a week,” he says. Oropeza also emphasizes the importance of how to condition by recommending that we always steer clear of the scalp and stick to the ends.

Why does shorter hair look healthier? ›

Short hair is healthier than long hair. Short hair shows off the hair closest to your roots, which is new and healthy, whereas longer strands of hair have been exposed to the elements, hair straighteners, blow-dryers and everyday wear and tear. The shorter your hair, the healthier it is.

Are lots of baby hairs good? ›

But as it turns out, those flyaways might actually be a good sign. If those little hairs are baby hairs and not broken hair or split ends, rest assured that new growth is on its way.

Does thin hair look better short or long? ›

"Short hairstyles are best for thinning hair, because too much length can drag the hair down and create an unflattering, stringy appearance," says Alabama stylist Hope Russo.

Can thin hair be pretty? ›

While magazine covers and red carpets are filled with thick voluminous hair, fine hair is still beautiful, but underrepresented. While it sometimes requires more care and attention than thick hair, it still has its pluses and looks lovely when you treat it right.

What makes thin hair look thicker? ›

Try a shorter hairstyle

In general, longer hair is heavier and will weigh down thinner locks. Keep your hair shoulder length or above to lighten the load. Add face framing layers in the front to bring movement and depth, while keeping hair all one length in the back for fuller coverage.

Do babies get their father's hair? ›

Genotype – This is the specific DNA your child possesses, which is inherited equally from both parents. For example, your child might have brown hair genes from you, or may have blond hair genes from your partner. Those genes are his genotype.

Do babies get their hair from Mom or Dad? ›

When we casually observe via our eyes, we may feel that we have inherited most of our hair features from either our mom or dad. However, the reality is that we inherit equal volume of genetic information from both mom and dad.

What is first hair called? ›

One of them is the baby's first hair cut known as Baabri. In other Indian cultures it is known as Mundan. This is a rite of passage for this new soul arriving in this world. There are many beliefs behind why it is done.

Does a blanket count as a layer for baby? ›

Thankfully there is a general rule that will help you decide how to layer your baby without overheating them. According to What To Expect, your baby should be wearing the same number layers of clothes, plus one. Often the plus one layer can be a blanket, snowsuit, or stroller weather cover.

Is 3 layers too much for baby? ›

He can still wear multiple thin layers as well as a hat and mittens in the car seat. Beware of overheating. Babies dressed in too many layers of blankets or clothing are at greater risk for overheating and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Can you baby wear too much? ›

You Can't Spoil a Baby Through Baby Wearing

It's just not possible to spoil an infant by holding them too much, says the AAP. 1 Since baby wearing can reduce crying, that means less stress for everyone.

Are baby hairs beautiful? ›

Now, they're one of 2022's most popular hair looks – and for good reason. Quite simply, whether styled or not, baby hairs are beautiful.

What color makes a baby happy? ›

Yellow is strongly associated with positivity and happiness, which makes perfect sense for your baby's nursery. Rather than choosing harsh, brighter tones like lemon or neon, go for a softer version like daffodil or dandelion. The warmth it provides creates a soothing atmosphere.

What color children love most? ›

Typically, young kids love bright hues. They present a stark contrast to the generally neutral shades worn by the adults around them. Some of the most popular colors of kids include pink, red and blue. Another beloved color, especially among girls, is purple.

What color grabs kids attention? ›

Children: Vibrant secondary and primary colors like yellow, blue, red, and green grab their attention.

What color makes babies calm? ›

Gentle, earthy neutrals like light beige, light tan and taupe will ensure your little one feels safe and cozy. Neutrals are easy on baby's developing eyes, so these shades also help your little dreamer to wind down and sleep.

What color is most calming to babies? ›

Subtle Blues

Gentle and soothing, light and medium shades of blue are said to aid in relaxing both body and mind. Blue can act as a salve to reduce anxiety and lower heart rate, and is also a cooling color which is good for helping babies calm down and drift to sleep.

What features make a baby cute? ›

In 1943, Austrian ethologist and zoologist Konrad Lorenz was the first to suggest that all infants have certain features in common that are universally appealing. They include a large head relative to the body, chubby cheeks, a high forehead, a small nose and mouth, and rounder bodies.

What should baby wear first born? ›

All you need for the first few weeks are enough clothes to make sure your baby will be warm and clean. You'll probably need: 6 stretch suits (all-in-ones) for both day and night, or 4 stretch suits and 2 nightdresses (nighties) for the night – use socks or bootees with the nightie if it's cold.

Do beautiful babies stay beautiful? ›

Being a beautiful baby did not predict who would become the best-looking adults, a new study found. Facial attractiveness is not stable from infancy into adulthood, suggests research published in the journal Infant Behavior & Development.

Should you cut a baby girl's hair? ›

It all depends on how much hair your baby has but, generally speaking, do not cut your baby's hair before its first birthday. Up until the age of six months, the "first hairs" grow and then fall out, following a drop in hormones that's completely normal after birth.

What is the right age for mundan? ›

The tradition is considered important in Hindu tradition mandatory. During the mundan ceremony, a barber is assigned the task of shaving off the baby's hair. In Hindus, the mundan ceremony is done between four months to three years of his birth. In Islamic tradition, it's done between 7 to 40 days.

When should my daughter get her first haircut? ›

There's no specific age recommended for a first haircut, it can be anywhere between 6 months and 2 years on average. Some babies are born with lots of hair and may be ready sooner than others, and some parents choose to prolong the first haircut well into toddlerhood.

Why is baby's first haircut important? ›

Hair plays an important role in many cultures. The first haircut can have significance as a tradition or rite of passage in certain regions, cultures and religions. In many Asian cultures for instance, it is believed that shaving a baby's first head of hair helps to promote new hair growth.

Does baby hair grow faster if you trim it? ›

Some parents hesitate to give their baby a haircut. But if your baby has hair loss or bald spots, a haircut can get rid of patchiness and allow their hair to grow in evenly. One belief is that a haircut can jump-start hair growth. However, this idea isn't backed by science.

Why shouldn't you shave your baby hairs? ›

In fact, shaving the hair while your baby has cradle cap could irritate the skin and worsen the condition. It's also extremely important to avoid picking at the scales on your baby's scalp, no matter how tempting it may be. This may cause them further discomfort and trigger an infection.

Is a baby's first haircut a big deal? ›

Your baby's first haircut might seem like a simple task, but it's actually kind of a big deal. For one thing, it can be stressful to get a squirming toddler to sit still long enough to snip the hair off their head without any kind of accident or mistake (even for professionals).

Why do Indians shave little girls hair? ›

Hindu babies

In Hindu tradition, the hair from birth is associated with undesirable traits from past lives. Thus at the time of the shave, the child is freshly shaven to signify freedom from the past and moving into the future.

Which month is not good for mundan? ›

Auspicious Month - The Tonsure ceremony in 2022 should be performed before Ashadhi Ekadashi in the long stretch of Aashadh, just as it is in the long times of Magh and Phalguna. Inauspicious Month - Mundan rituals should not be performed during the months of Chaitra, Vaishakha or Jyeshtha.

Do girls have mundan? ›

Among Hindus, the mundan is performed during the first or third year of a child's life. In some regions, the mundan is done only for the male child. However, in most families girls have a mundan too.

How often should a little girl get a haircut? ›

Keep in mind that it is a good idea to have your child's hair trimmed two to three times per year to keep it healthy and to encourage growth.

Should I cut my 1 year old daughter's hair? ›

It depends on how quickly their hair grows and of course, your personal preference. Babies born with a lot of hair that grows quickly and starts getting in their eyes may need their first cut in their first year. Others who don't have hair so quickly may not need their first cut until the age of about 2 years.

Can you cut black babies hair? ›

African American Boys – 1 'There is an African American tradition of performing the first haircut on or around the child's first birthday. However, cutting prior to the age of two may result in a more coarse texture and tighter curl. '

What happens if you dont cut newborn hair? ›

Don't fret, their hair will grow back, but it also means you don't have to rush to cut your baby's hair in their first few months of life, even up to age 1 for most kids.

Why do parents cut newborns hair? ›

The general idea is that shaving the baby's head-removing the hair grown in the womb-cleanses the body at the beginning of life. Traditionally, the hair is weighed and its value in silver is given to charity.


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